Environmental Overlook Trail

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These paths are ideal for people who enjoy hiking and searching for animals! The Overlook Trail is found behind the Recreation Center on 3003 E. Oak Island Drive. There are several elevated platforms with views of the path, which contains indigenous trees and flowers as well as attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

At the eastern end of 31st Street (next to the Recreation Center) is Tidal Waves Park, which features a modest picnic shelter and floating dock. Canoe/kayak route maps are available at the center. The Davis Canal and the surrounding marshes are visible from an elevated vantage point alongside the Environment Crossover, which runs parallel to it. To the other side of the island, a footbridge connects with a crossing walk that leads to an ocean view of the salt marsh.

Snakes, raccoons, deer, and a variety of birds are just a few of the wildlife that may be spotted in this area. The Town of Oak Island maintains land on the western end of Oak Island as well. All of the roads begin in The Dunes, traveling through them to several overlook locations where you might observe red foxes, black snakes, fiddler crabs, loggerhead sea turtles, raccoons and other shorebird species.

Even getting to the beach may be an enjoyable and relaxing excursion on Oak Island, thanks to the Environmental Overlook Trails that lead inhabitants from the Intracoastal Waterway-bordering regions of town to the beachfront neighborhoods. These distinct pathways, which cross tidal streams, saltwater marshes, and a variety of native vegetation, are ideal for hikers, birdwatchers, and anyone looking for a leisurely stroll on the beach.

The environment, which includes a section on environmental preservation and environmental awareness for children, is the most popular. This walkway runs parallel to the Ocean Beach Overlook Trail and provides a great variety of well-kept pathways and wooden boardwalks that span across tidal-influenced creeks and lead visitors through an exceptionally beautiful patch of relatively undeveloped wilderness.

The Town of Oak Island has several environmental areas set aside for public use and enjoyment, including an environmental education center, an environmental park, and several environmental trails. The Environmental Education Center is located at the south end of town on SE 58th Street and offers information on the local environment, as well as a variety of interactive exhibits.

This is the perfect place to enjoy incredible views and talk a walk with the family. Be sure to pack all necessary items like gear, water, and snacks, though!

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