Fort Fisher Historic Site

Ian Kaplan

Fort Fisher Historic Site is filled with stories and beautiful scenery, so don’t miss out! The Fort contains massive earthworks, as well as a reconstructed palisade fence and an impressive seacoast gun, which are located near the Visitors Center. The fully accessible Visitor Center & Gift Shop features a video, exhibits, and artifacts recovered from sunken ships of the past. A picturesque walk, shaded by gnarled live oaks, takes you past the earthworks and around to the rear of the fort remains. “From Slave to Soldier, Free a Man” is the newest exhibit at Fort Fisher, which tells the African American Experience at Fort Fisher and will intrigue you to no end!

The Visitor Center will give you all of the history of this legendary site. The Fort has had quite the experience as the first of two Union assaults on Fort Fisher occurred in 1864. The fort withstood the initial attack, but the North gave ground the next time. The First Battle of Fort Fisher, during the American Civil War, was the most significant naval bombardment and land-sea combat fought up to that point.

In March 1865, a flotilla of 56 vessels attacked the fort before an army of more than 3,300 men attempted to storm it. Fort Fisher was captured, severing the Confederate supply line. After the surrender of Fort Fisher in January 1865, three months later, the Civil War ended.

The site eventually became the home of Robert Harrill, who remained there for the remainder of his life. Harrill lived in a bunker and shared his ideas on “common sense” with thousands of tourists each year while surviving on whatever he could gather from the salt marsh and oyster beds around him.

The Visitors Center is located along the oceanfront, with a monument to Confederate soldiers and two oceanfront gazebos. The remains of blockade runner Condor are about 700 yards from the beach. Dive enthusiasts can get a map to search the sunken vessel, which is the first stop on NC’s Heritage Dive Site trail for diving.

The Fort Fisher earthworks are an impressive sight, and the Visitors Center is a great place to learn more about the history of the fort and the Civil War. The reconstructed palisade fence and seacoast gun are also worth a visit, and the beautiful views are not to be missed! If you love hearing stories of the past and are looking to learn something new at a historic site, this is the place to be!

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