Harbor Way Gardens

Ian Kaplan

Harbor Way Gardens, located on the west end of Wrightsville Beach Park, is one of only three public gardens in New Hanover County (the Arboretum and Airlie Gardens are the other two). The garden has become a haven from our island heat and a peaceful place to relax and appreciate native flora and flowers. Despite having Witherspoon Roses due to a kind donation from an island resident, Harbor Way Gardens is also North Carolina’s first public garden to feature the flowers.

The entrance to the garden is often adorned for holidays and special occasions, and visitors approaching the drawbridge are greeted by it. The Plant It Pink Garden, a contemplative retreat overflowing with pink flowers to commemorate and thank breast cancer survivors, is also located in the garden. Members of the Club maintain the garden and add new plants on a regular basis. They welcome you to visit any time you’re in town.

Harbor Way Gardens is a one-acre haven towards the west end of Wrightsville Beach Park. It’s famed for its beautiful native plants and flowers, as well as being North Carolina’s premier public spot to see Witherspoon Roses. This is all made possible due to the generosity of an island local who donated them! The Plant it Pink Garden is a beautiful and serene space that contains many pink flowers, in order to celebrate and honor breast cancer survivors. Kids will have a blast running through the Children’s Fountain, which has colorful water spraying out from multiple directions. If you’re ever in town, make sure to stop by and see this lovely garden!

In 2012, the Harbor Island Garden Club dedicated a Children’s Fountain in Harbor Way Gardens. The multi-spray fountain offers much-needed respite from the hot North Carolina heat and a relaxing place to relax. Every day of the year, kids of all ages may frolic through the water sprouting from the ground near the fountain. Consider purchasing a brick or blue stone paver as a way to commemorate someone you love, recall fond memories, or celebrate an important occasion. The bricks and pavers are put around the fountain and oncoming pathway through the garden.

Enjoy the tranquil splendor and beauty of this lovely jewel, which is maintained by the Harbor Island Garden Club. The Harbor Way Gardens are available for special events like weddings and garden parties on a limited basis.

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