Oak Island Nature Center

Ian Kaplan

If you’re looking to get outdoorsy, be sure to plan a trip to Oak Island Nature Center!

The facility includes a variety of educational programs where youngsters and adults may learn about the environment and local species. A Talking Trees Walking Trail, fossil displays, animal exhibits, binoculars, and fishing T-dock and floating dock are all part of the park’s attractions. The nature center, which contains one of the largest collections of butterflies in North America, is open only during certain months. It is located at Falls Park in West Falls and opens on May 26th, Wednesdays through Fridays from 10am to 2pm.

At the Oak Island Nature Center, you may engage with Oak Island chat. It’s ideal for letting the kids run wild and discover while area volunteers share a wealth of information about the wildlife that make their home along the Intracoastal Waterway. The Oak Island Nature Center also has a fishing tee, shelter, floating dock, and more to offer visitors a unique perspective on island life. The OKI Nature Center offers a variety of youth programs throughout the summer, so check back for more summer activities!

The Nature Center is located within Malcolm Register Park, which also includes the David A. and Mary Ellen Register Family Aquatic Center. The park was completed in 2005 / 2006, with a Picnic Pavilion, Fishing Pier, Floating Dock, Dot Kelly Butterfly Garden, and Nature/Learning Center.

The Nature Center is located in the midst of a 110-foot-tall forest at 11 feet above ground level. It features 120 feet of wheelchair accessible ramps and platforms that give views of the jungle and the Intracoastal Waterway. The building was planned with materials that blend in with the environment around it. As a consequence of thoughtful design, the facility was constructed without having to cut down any trees.

Visit the Oak Island Nature Center and learn more about what Oak Island has to offer! The center has live animal exhibits as well as other nature exhibits and programs. In the Nature Center, you may discover information on native flora and trees, including Magnolia Trees, Wax Myrtles, Sweet Gums, and many more. You can also get up close to see the live animals!

This is the perfect way to learn more about the nature of Oak Island, NC, and get an enjoyable experience out of it!

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