The Swamp Park

Ian Kaplan

If you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime, check out The Swamp Park & Outdoor Center, located 45 minutes South of Wilmington NC, and 35 Minutes North of Myrtle Beach on HWY 17. Take a majestic tour and explore the ecological benefits of this natural environment or indulge in one of the many action activities they have on hand. You can choose from one of our three fun-filled activities or maybe do them all!

Experience the area with a Zip Line tour, an Aerial Adventure Park ascent, or a Swamp Boat Eco Tour cruise on the Shallotte River. Climb to the top of the Main Tower and leap off the Pelican Dive for those more daring. It’s incredible! Visitors will experience a variety of natural sights and sounds from this lovely region. This is an ideal mix of adventure-having and ecological education for everyone at your party! These amazing excursions and magnificent views are all waiting for you at this wonderful site!

The mile-long Riverwalk is a must-see. This is a self-guided stroll that is included as an extra with one of your paid activities. Wander along the raised walkway and absorb the sights and sounds of an untouched Carolina swamp ecosystem. Don’t forget to bring your turtle food; they have lots of turtles in the natural estuary that hang around. Are you just visiting? There’s no need to worry; your $10 admission goes straight towards supporting Alligator relocation efforts and preserving all of the swamp life.

Not only does the park provide a safe home for 14 American alligators, but they also have a reptile sanctuary that houses rescued critters! As part of their commitment to outdoor education, visitors can come and learn about the prehistoric history of these reptilian friends.

Your family will have a great time at the swamp park and will want to come back again soon. Over time, they’ll add different attractions like Gators Grille (which will be built on an elevated walkway over the swamp), an alligator containment area where you can go see them for educational purposes, and who knows what else they’ll dream up!

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