Wrightsville Beach Museum of History

Ian Kaplan

Wrightsville Beach Museum of History is housed in the turn-of-the-century Myers Cottage, as well as the recently restored Bordeaux Cottage. The museum of history preserves and shares Wrightsville Beach’s history. A scale model of Wrightsville Beach from 1910, exhibits about the beach’s early days, and some beautiful art is all available for visitors to view. Information on how people and nature have interacted for over 100 years to shape Wrightsville Beach’s history is also available.

The museum is meant to replicate how a typical summer cottage in Wrightsville Beach might have looked during the 1940s. Step into a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen with period pieces from the 1940s; see a 12-foot replica of 1910 Wrightsville Beach—with a trolley, and take some time to rest on a front porch rocking chair and daydream about yesteryear.

Wrightsville Beach is one-of-a-kind, and even if visitors don’t recognize it upon arrival, they will by the time they leave. The beach’s mission is to illustrate Wrightsville Beach’s narrative through a series of events that have occurred over the years. They recount joyful memories like children playing in the ocean waves, teens at Lumina pier, as well as hardships such as progress versus honoring our history. Ultimately, their goal is to connect past and present experiences together while viewing both sides with importance.

The museum’s mission is to preserve, promote, and interpret the history of Wrightsville Beach and Harbor Island. Their annual activities such as Lumina Daze, Jingle Bell 5K Run and Walk, Camp Chris Stone, art days, free monthly children’s programs, and various exhibits and lectures contribute to the preservation and celebration of this unique beach as well as its residents. They work to document and preserve the past in order to network with the community and resolve comparable issues by working on mutually beneficial projects.

Come see the WB Museum’s well-known “Loop Through History” pop-up exhibit! It contains 25 signs placed around Wrightsville Beach’s most sought-after fitness destination, The Loop. This display started in 2016 to help those strolling learn more about the island. The exhibit is open eight weekends out of the year. Make sure you set some time aside soon to come to stroll around and check out all the signposts!

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